Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2 LO day 11 and day 12

OK so actually blogging everyday is so hard for me, don't ask me why it just is. LOL but I have managed to keep taking my pictures. Here is my week 2 LO Credits: 365 project Template No 1 by Moriginals and you can pick it up on her BLOG. papers are from my kit Chill Out Remix Edition. Tape days, acrylic 2, and stapled note book paper are from the LIFE 365 - 'Date It' set by Gina Marie Huff . January(recolored) from Project 365 - Kit AND Templates Bundled by Kristen Rice
Believe it or not this is my first two page LO. and I'm so glad i didn't plan on using just one kit or LO style. With so many great choices out there, I'm having fun trying them all. I do know most of my LOs will have to be 2 pagers because of the journaling. Although I have seen a few templates that have the all 7 pictures plus room journaling on one page, so I guess we'll see. And now on to the current pictures.

Day 11

DH playing his XBox 360, something he does often now that he has one. He had wanted one for a while now, well since they came out, but we never had the money. So that was why I worked at the game stand over Christmas. And all those late night paid off when I saw his reaction on Christmas morning. And his attitude about me on the computer has been better lately too :)

Day 12

This is Baxter, he is one of the little....well not so little anymore kittens we rescued from outside. I can not tell you how amused I was when I got this shot. I just wanted one of him looking out side, but this one is so much better. You will probable see more pictures of my furry children since they are making it a habit to get into lost of trouble lately.. Oh and in case you are in the mood for just a regular template, I have this one over on my other Blog, but be prepared, it a long post:) Until next time.


  1. awsome pages for week 2, love that composition, great photos girl! And yeah blogging everyday is hard, I'm beginning to feel it too! :)

  2. Good luck on the blogging - you are really going well! Your photo of Baxter is fantastic!

  3. Great photos & the kitty smiling is way to cool all I ever get is a sleepy old lady cat LOL sometimes she stares at the hampster.

  4. great pictures! my hubby wants an xbox 360 too, I havent broken yet though! lol
    love the pic of baxter what a cutie!

  5. Hehe Yeah, my computer time is not as much of an issue since my DH got his Playstation 3 LOL Great photos, Colie!

  6. Wonderful layout! I love how you switched around the template, too. Next week I'm going to do a 2 page layout for the week because I like to journal, too, and putting one week on a page the journaling has been so small when I print it out (8x8) - hope this will solve it.

    Your husband looks in deep concentration playing his xBox (aren't you a good wife!) and the Baxter (love the name) shot is great - kudos for you for rescuing the kitties!