Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did you think I quit?

Well, I didn't just haven't posted, but I'm gonna catch up here goes

Day 15
DH was off from work and whenever this happens the first thing my DS does when he wakes up is to sit on Daddy's lap and check over all the "important" happenings around the net. They were goofing off looking at each other then at the computer and then laughing. The things that amuse these my family.

Day 16
See I do share my computer!

Day 17
I went to my BFs birthday party she is the first one of our group to turn 30 this year. And this was the awesome cake her sons, friends mom...I think I got that right made for her

Day 18

Teaching DD to throw a punch. I don't know how I even managed to take this picture seeing as I was laughing so hard. She's gonna need a few more practice sessions.

Day 19
We finally got what I consider real snow, it was so pretty. Bu since it snowed I fed the local outdoor cats. They weren't around when I fed them and the blue jays found the food first. This drove my cats nuts. This is Dusty Kendell and Dakota, who were all chirping at the little bird thieves

Day 20
Inauguration day, most of my day was spent with the TV on watching inauguration coverage.

Day 21
The kids are so creative....They were using two halves of a candy ornament ball as a telephone. I told you...the things that amuse my family.

Day 22
I caught Baxter sitting at the table, I guess he thinks if he sits there now, I'll serve him with everyone at dinner and he won't have to sneak food. I also love how his eyes reflected the flash. he looks like my little alien cat.

Day 23

My poor Wii fit board, one of my resolutions was to exercise more seeing as I have the Wii fit, I may as well use it. Well....not luck on that one so far. But I pulled it from under the TV finally. Maybe now that I see it I will use it. We'll see

Day 24

This is one of my favorite mugs. I love Thomas Kinkade but right now buying one of his paintings is way out of my budget. So a few years ago I saw this mug it's of Bridge of Faith. Works great for me, I love mugs, since one can never have to many, and it is so pretty. Plus I can get more coffee into this mug always a plus :) Well that's it I'm all caught up, now to scrap my LOs. Until Next time.


  1. All of your pictures are great!! Those cat pictures made me laugh out loud! Especially Baxter at the table! LOL!!!! too funny.....TFS!!

  2. Great shots! That cake is very cool!

  3. WOW These are fabulous!! I am glad you didnt stop!! I adore the 3 kitties watching the snow what a catch with the camera! dont get me wrong the rest are fabulous also!!