Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back with an update

I have been very hard at work keeping up with my project 365 this year, and so far so good. I still can't seem to keep up with the blog posts so maybe if I try for once a month it will work out better...maybe. No since we're on day what day 89 now, I'm not going to post all of my pictures one by one. What I will do is share some of the the LOs I've finished. I had already finished week one back in January, but because I'm me I changed my mind on how I wanted my LOs to look so here are weeks 1 and 2 I've decided this is the LO style I'm going to go with every week but I'll change up the background and the elements I use. And before I go since I have them finished here are my LOs for Weeks 3 and 4

Thanks for stopping by, until next time have a good one :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Take 2 Day 1

So I wasn't able to keep up with project 365 in 2009, but it's a new day, a new year and I've got a brand new start. So here is my first picture of the year, taken right after the ball dropped in Times Square
I have a few new ideas to help keep me on track this year, one Big one being the Picture Prompts Stacy over at GP is giving http://www.gottapixel.net/?p=7380. I didn't use the prompt from today since I took my pic before it was posted. But it's nice I'll have them to fall back on if I need some inspiration. Good luck to all you 365 players, here's to lots of pic in 2010!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moving right along

Day 48-I hate them...really

These are two of my worst enemies, and their job is to assist me in my most hated chore...enough said.

Day 49- Vitamin C

Well DD had to stay home from school today, she wasn't feeling well when she woke up but tried to get ready for school anyway. After she finished breakfast I made her go back to bed, there was no way she was going to make it. Guess it's time to start taking my vitamin C to keep me from getting sick

Day 50- The Birds
After every rain, we are invaded by black birds, it's so neat to watch them and a little scary at the same time

Day 51 goofy son to the resuce
I almost missed taking my picture today, buy luckily DS grabbed my camera for me and posed for a couple of goofy pictures. He's gotten quite used to being my last minute model

Day 52 Don't sit so close
I swear I have to repeat myself 50 time a day telling DS son not to sit so close to the TV. But I must be saying it in some foreign language, because he obviously doesn't understand me.
Well, until next time, keep those cameras snapping :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting back on track

I love taking my pictures everyday, I've been keeping up too, but I really need to get them posted to this blog!!! Seems the pics are so much easier to scrap when I have the stories already written out and I can copy paste and edit. LOL So I guess I'll start over with yesterday and today and make sure to post at least every other day if not every day,

Day 46 The Alpacas

Every time we go up to my MILs we go through this little town with an Alpaca farm. I've always wanted to take a picture of them because I just think they are so neat, but never thought to take out my camera until it was too late. Well now that I'm doing project 365 as soon as we saw the signs for the town I grabbed my camera and had it all set. I was a little worried on how it would turn out, since we had cars behind us and had to keep to the speed limit. But as you see it turned out OK, I even had one looking at me as I snapped the picture.

Day 47 -A different kind of flower pot

When my SIL came back from Florida she brought my Mom this neat little plant in a snail shell. She's had it for almost 3 years now and this is as big as it's gotten. Definitely a slow grower. But then again, is is planted in a shell. Well, until tomorrow :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did you think I quit?

Well, I didn't just haven't posted, but I'm gonna catch up now....so here goes

Day 15
DH was off from work and whenever this happens the first thing my DS does when he wakes up is to sit on Daddy's lap and check over all the "important" happenings around the net. They were goofing off looking at each other then at the computer and then laughing. The things that amuse these my family.

Day 16
See I do share my computer!

Day 17
I went to my BFs birthday party she is the first one of our group to turn 30 this year. And this was the awesome cake her sons, friends mom...I think I got that right made for her

Day 18

Teaching DD to throw a punch. I don't know how I even managed to take this picture seeing as I was laughing so hard. She's gonna need a few more practice sessions.

Day 19
We finally got what I consider real snow, it was so pretty. Bu since it snowed I fed the local outdoor cats. They weren't around when I fed them and the blue jays found the food first. This drove my cats nuts. This is Dusty Kendell and Dakota, who were all chirping at the little bird thieves

Day 20
Inauguration day, most of my day was spent with the TV on watching inauguration coverage.

Day 21
The kids are so creative....They were using two halves of a candy ornament ball as a telephone. I told you...the things that amuse my family.

Day 22
I caught Baxter sitting at the table, I guess he thinks if he sits there now, I'll serve him with everyone at dinner and he won't have to sneak food. I also love how his eyes reflected the flash. he looks like my little alien cat.

Day 23

My poor Wii fit board, one of my resolutions was to exercise more seeing as I have the Wii fit, I may as well use it. Well....not luck on that one so far. But I pulled it from under the TV finally. Maybe now that I see it I will use it. We'll see

Day 24

This is one of my favorite mugs. I love Thomas Kinkade but right now buying one of his paintings is way out of my budget. So a few years ago I saw this mug it's of Bridge of Faith. Works great for me, I love mugs, since one can never have to many, and it is so pretty. Plus I can get more coffee into this mug always a plus :) Well that's it I'm all caught up, now to scrap my LOs. Until Next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 13 and Day 14

Before I get to my pictures, I have some 365 templates I would like to show you. You know how I told you I found some templates that had room for all 7 pics and journaling on one page? Well, these are them.

These are by shop at Elemental Scraps. I just had to pick these up and with them on sale right now, the price was right :)Next up we have a 2 page template by Doodleboogs at Scrap Outside The Box
I was looking for a set that would help me make a great summery LO, but not too basic. Any this set is perfect for me, I just love the different sizes of the pictures. And I like that I get to add some journaling highlights. I'm now looking forward to the end of the month so I can use this set. And now for the pictures. Yesterday I had to do a very hard thing, I had to say goodbye to my Christmas Decorations. I to pack them up and put them up in the attic. It's so sad to take them down. And well I lots of pictures of Christmas at pretty so I took this picture of it all packed up.

Day 13

Today's picture is of one of those moments when you realize it's the little things that count.

Day 14

I had to run errands today and DS got to go with me. He's at that age where going everywhere with either Mommy or Daddy is fun. I remember when DD was that way and I also that little pain I felt the first time she asked did I have to? So now I try to let my DS go with me whenever I can take him because I know in what will seem like the blink of an eye he won't want to be bothered. And having this picture will always remind me of the moment in time where he had a blast going out with me. Well until next time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2 LO day 11 and day 12

OK so actually blogging everyday is so hard for me, don't ask me why it just is. LOL but I have managed to keep taking my pictures. Here is my week 2 LO Credits: 365 project Template No 1 by Moriginals and you can pick it up on her BLOG. papers are from my kit Chill Out Remix Edition. Tape days, acrylic 2, and stapled note book paper are from the LIFE 365 - 'Date It' set by Gina Marie Huff . January(recolored) from Project 365 - Kit AND Templates Bundled by Kristen Rice
Believe it or not this is my first two page LO. and I'm so glad i didn't plan on using just one kit or LO style. With so many great choices out there, I'm having fun trying them all. I do know most of my LOs will have to be 2 pagers because of the journaling. Although I have seen a few templates that have the all 7 pictures plus room journaling on one page, so I guess we'll see. And now on to the current pictures.

Day 11

DH playing his XBox 360, something he does often now that he has one. He had wanted one for a while now, well since they came out, but we never had the money. So that was why I worked at the game stand over Christmas. And all those late night paid off when I saw his reaction on Christmas morning. And his attitude about me on the computer has been better lately too :)

Day 12

This is Baxter, he is one of the little....well not so little anymore kittens we rescued from outside. I can not tell you how amused I was when I got this shot. I just wanted one of him looking out side, but this one is so much better. You will probable see more pictures of my furry children since they are making it a habit to get into lost of trouble lately.. Oh and in case you are in the mood for just a regular template, I have this one over on my other Blog, but be prepared, it a long post:) Until next time.