Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back with an update

I have been very hard at work keeping up with my project 365 this year, and so far so good. I still can't seem to keep up with the blog posts so maybe if I try for once a month it will work out better...maybe. No since we're on day what day 89 now, I'm not going to post all of my pictures one by one. What I will do is share some of the the LOs I've finished. I had already finished week one back in January, but because I'm me I changed my mind on how I wanted my LOs to look so here are weeks 1 and 2 I've decided this is the LO style I'm going to go with every week but I'll change up the background and the elements I use. And before I go since I have them finished here are my LOs for Weeks 3 and 4

Thanks for stopping by, until next time have a good one :)

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